Sunday, June 10, 2007


It took Verizon almost 10 hours total to finally figure out that the people that lived here before us had their service disconnected for non payment then restarted the internet service in the others name(then didn't disconnect that when they moved) so when we called to have it all hooked up they connected it to the non paid for box number. Screwing the system all up. The techs for Verizon were great no complaints there. I'm just so happy to have internet and DVR. Which I haven't had in over 18months. It was so nice to not have to stay up to watch Third Watch(it comes on Friday and Saturday at 3am) So YEAH!

I jumped right on this wagon. I loved knitting them and finished them really quick considering that we packed, moved, unpacked and had to do major cleaning inside and outside at the new place. This is so not my last pair:)

Look what I found at Big Lots for 30$

These are normally 129$ Plus it totally fits our odd sizes sofa(it has a full size pull out bed instead of a queen, but it's not as small as a love seat). I found our slip covered (it's either a Crate and Barrel or a Pottery Barn) sofa at a resale shop for 125$ a year ago(and they threw in 4 metal chairs for free...I loved that place). While the cover that it came with is in great shape its cream and a pain in the ass to wash. With six dogs I need something that I can throw in the wash when ever I want to. Up until now I hadn't found a slip cover that I love and that fits. This one does. So I was so excited!

So this weekend I made homemade laundry soap (which is wonderful! It cleaned dog blankets and they smell clean!), let the babies go swimming in the little pool we bought them(and then bathed them all when they got muddy running through the backyard), weeded the front bed again, went swimming at a friends(I got the cutest swimsuit at Target...which never happens for me...made my weekend), and did all of our laundry(I LOVE LOVE LOVE having our own W/D)
Mike mowed front and back and painted the old chest that I bought on Craigslist white and then today cleaned out the storage shed behind our house that was FULL of other peoples shit. So we now have a place to put our new mower, weed eater, grill and the baby pool. So I think everything is finally done.

So this week I'm going to work on my ripple, order PUL material for mama pads(I also need to go shopping for flannel), and sew a curtain for our spare room and maybe hem the flannel blankets so that I can crochet the edging when I want.

So here is ripple #3 (I haven't taken pictures of #2 yet...I had to set it aside because I need to gift #3 soon)

And my four oldest babies after their baths...They are in the kitchen with the baby gate up because they are supposed to be having dinner.


moo said...

Hi Michelle! I think I followed you from the Ripple along, but have corresponded with you before. Your blog looks good! Same background colors as mine! Do you love green too? The new ripple looks great. I started another afghan, an occasion stripe for my girlfriend's daughter's 21st birthday. It needs to be done by the end of next month! Gotta get jamming on it! Oh, those dogs are so cute!

PattieJ said...

OK, I love everythiing in this post!! lol! Love your your new sofa cover. what a great buy. Love your ripple blanket, the colors are so pretty! it looks great against the sofa cover colors. I read the ripple along blog and I also made a ripple blanket but I never actually joined the blog, I should join, I am going to be making another ripple soon. I do belong to the "Granny Along" though. And those wienies!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!! Nice to find someone else with so many dogs (I have 5 pugs) people always think thats crazy so I was happy to find another person that is as crazy as I am! lol! I love your blog! It seems like we like a lot of the same things. I am going to add it to my favorite blog list. :)