Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Thrift store blanket...

This is the last one for a while. Well I do have one more finished blanket to show but it needs to stop raining so that I can take pictures of it ( Texas has had rain 18 of the last 30days and it hasn't just been sprinkles...Our backyard is a lake but I shouldn't complain. It has flooded so bad North of here lots of people are homeless and so many people have died or been injured in flooding water.... Makes me bitching about unhappy wienies seem so silly)

I stayed up till 4am ish to finish Dylans' (he has a name now:) blanket. It took almost an hour just to finish tucking the ends in. I love it, I hope she loves it just as much. I think she will, they are doing an ocean/fish theme and the colors remind me of the beach:)

Sorry the pictures are so uneven looking, it was actually dry and sunny for a second(the dry part is huge, the weather has been so funny that one minute it is pouring and the next it is sunny and muggy...ugh) Oh the sun is out, maybe I'll get lucky and be able to squeeze in a few pics.
Oh and other good news, my cousin Rachel has been living in London since December is coming for a month. YEAH! I'm picking her up on Monday at the airport. Rach and I were born 24 hours apart at the same hospital. Our Moms are sister, so we grew up super close. So I am very excited to see her. That and Mike hopefully will get next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off for 4th of July. I love it when he is home!

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