Monday, June 25, 2007

Ankle socks FO

These were knitted so quick that I didn't even post about them. The yarn was from my monkey socks yarn(400 something yards goes a long way), size 2 needles, 52co, 4 row picot edge anklet. They were a birthday present to my sister Deborah who just turned 9. She was really excited to have matching socks. She immediately put them on with her crocs and when we left she was still wearing them.. They were fun to knit once I went and bought a second set of 2s. Why they sell them is sets of 4? I need 5!


Cindy said...

You're gonna have to teach a sock knitting class, now, since that is one of the things I've never tried! LOL! Those look great! Lucky sister!

PattieJ said...

so cute! I wish I knew how to knit. I tried when I was younger but it seemed so much harder then crocheting so I gave up. One of these days I will try again.