Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had the full set of these dishes ages ago. Well probably 8yrs or so. In on one of my many moves I gave them away but always kinda regretted it. They are very much so me. So this year Mike and I took a vacation to Ruidoso the day after X-Mas and right across the street from our cabin was the Thrift Store for the Animal Shelter. I bought lots of towels(we took them right over to the animal shelter...it was cold and they said that they would love them) and this plate. It is technically a serving platter I think. So I use it as my rice plate(I make the best crunchy Texmati rice). Unpacking after the move I realized that the wonderful STR that I won has ALL of the same colors that are in my plate. So this is what is on my little dining room table. Love it! It makes me happy!

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Aim said...

Oooooh, Texmati Rice. What is that? Could you post a recipe for midwesterners like myself?!!! would love to learn to make something like that. (BTW, Love your thrift purchases, including the giant granny!!!)