Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ocean ripple FO

I finished ripple #3 early yesterday morning. I can't wait to give it to her. I talked to her on Monday and it was confirmed that she is having a little boy(which is what the early pink or blue test said). So this is Dylan Scott's first blanket. They are doing an ocean/fish theme, so I have been calling it the ocean blanket. It kinda looks like ocean waves:) It is made with Caron SS, a size G hook, is about 34 by 36 and it took me about a month to crochet. I took me over an hour just to FINISH tucking the ends in:) My mini Dachshund Emory is modeling it again.... She is so funny, I think she enjoys the photo shoots:)

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Thanks for the motivation to finish and post this thing everyone:) Everyone's ripples are looking fabulous!


Laura in Wyoming said...

Way cool ripple ~ Love the colors and think it's a wonderful new baby gift. You do a great job

PattieJ said...

That came out beautiful!!! And your model is adorable! :)

Glasgow Lindsay said...

That looks great well done on your finish. It looks pretty out on your balcony! :0)