Thursday, June 14, 2007


One of my huge addictions is Craigslist. I've found jobs, dogs( my babies Ralph and Issy and my Moms new baby Lula Bell ), sold stuff, gave stuff away, and then the most dangerous bought stuff. This is one of my favorite purchases. It is an old chest. It opens but the inside isn't in great shape. It was rust colored when we bought it, but last weekend it quit raining long enough for Mike to prime it and paint it. I bought it so that we could use it for a coffee table but it ended up being too tall, but it works perfect as a bedside table.
The fabric that is over it is an old laundry bag that I bought at an estate sale for .50$. Love it!

I need to get a cute little table top fan( I can't sleep without one going) because the one I have is an blank ugly plastic one. I think it turned out pretty well!

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Cindy said...

so cute! Again, love your colors! Very bright and spirit lifting! It brightened up my bad day!