Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wienies and knitting

Well I suck at this.... It has been 6months since I have even logged in to blogger. So long in fact that I had to do the whole reset up with google thing. In my defense I have been doing this.

Ok so for an updated list...excuse the no link thing, I'm not in the mood.
~the most boring grey socks(which the embarrassing part is that I posted about these six months ago)

~sweet cherries blanket from lion brand

~a scarf that is on really big needles and hurts my hands so it has been pushed to the back of the list.

~ANOTHER pair of fuzzy feet (this set was for me, I'm about a third of the way done on the second sock).

~I kinda started a mitered blanket out of cotton but I'm in no hurry to finish.. I had to buy a pound cone because I couldn't find anything smaller in the right mitered blanket it is.

~a block baby blanket my own design..I think is is going to be a charity project for preeclampsia..I'm doing a rectangle of eyelet pink that is 12 by 24 then onto that I'm doing a block of white 12 by 12(it's the yarn from bee blanket that I frogged..more on that later)I still haven't decided what pattern that I'm doing the white in. Then on the other side will either be pink or pink and white 24 by 36, I'm not sure what pattern that will be either. I'm just really enjoying the eyelet right now.

Things planned
~A rippled afghan, I started out crocheting and forgot how much I love it. So I picked up four colours that match my bed in shhh Red Heart. They had the colours I wanted, plus it is going to be a throw and I didn't want to spend a ton on something that I might want to change. I think I'm just going to wash and soften the crap out of it. I hope I don't hate it. I guess if I do I'll just start a second one for the couch out of better yarn.

~Socks for me out of fleece artist...I love the colours(I'll take a pic and put it up one of these days)As in I have it sitting on my table as decorations love it. As I walk by I pet it

Things I've frogged
~The bee blanket, I finally acknowledged that it was almost big enough to be a bed spread for my bed...sigh... and I even did a half ass swatch but it just kept stretching and stretching...sigh... Soooo something good is going to come out of this trip to the frog pond. As I posted earlier the yarn I bought after we found out I was pregnant. When I miscarried it was hard to work on it. I have four balls of Caron Simply soft in white, soo what I decided to do was knit baby blankets using another colour and using Livs white to accent it and donate them to charity in her name. I think I will keep one, I'm not sure how I will feel. I guess I will see.

So in all I've had a busy six months. It will even be busier the next few months as we are moving..yeah.. I will try to update more often now that I have a bit more time..

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Lynn said...

Oh wow, that is a good excuse to not posting! The ripple blanket is so hard to resist... especially seeing them all over blogland! Can't wait to see yours!