Sunday, April 15, 2007


I wanted to poke my eye out with my crochet hook so badly last night. I forget how much I hate crocheting and connecting together little fiddly things. Then I don't even think I like it. Not worth the trouble but once I start something that little I had to finish it. So at least it's a FO.

Bunny from Lionbrand in Caron Simply Soft. No gauge swatch, so I wish that I had gone with a smaller hook(which I did go one size smaller but it should have been even smaller). Sorry for the bad photo it has been stormy and was freeze your ass off cold today, especially for it being April.

I've finished almost three groups of the pattern for my ripple. I figured I need to do either 8 or 9 for it to be the length I want it. If it is warmer and sunnier tomorrow I will take a few pics just so that I can post how much bigger it is. Not that it is any different colour wise. Although I still love the colours I'm not in love with the yarn. Oh well I hope it softens up.

Odd thing, I met a very sweet lady at the craft store on Thursday who was having a hard time trying to fix a nightie for her sister that is in a nursing home. Well we got to talking and I offered to help her. So I follow her to her house(I did call Mike on the way to let him know where I was going) I fixed the night gown. And after she wanted to give me a tour of her home. So she starts pulling out ripple afghan after ripple afghan after ripple afghan out of closets and then she starts pulling out granny square blankets and quilts. She couldn't even find all of them. Too funny. We had a great visit and was there for over two hours. I think I will call her this week and take the baby wienies over to visit. I think she might be a bit lonely and I had such a great time talking with her.

Excuse the once again bad photo. This is Mildred taking a bath in the kitchen sink. She was not happy, I'm not sure why her eyes are glowing blue. Does anyone know how to fix it? (ha ok by people I mean the two people that sometimes happen upon my blog, hi!)
Oh and I got a new toy today? I'll post pics maybe tomorrow if I have time, we are celebrating Easter a week late because if the weather.


Oiyi said...

The bunny turned out very cute! I feel the same way about little fiddly thing that needs to be connected together. That's why it's not everyday that I will crochet a softie.

Mildred is so cute wet! Napoleon's eyes use to show up as blue in photos when he was young. Try turning off the flash.

Renee said...

Thanks for coming out of lurkdom to leave a comment! You can come organize my place anytime.

The doggies are soooo cute. The blue eye is the doggie equivalent of human red eye (sometimes you'll get a yellow version too). I have no real idea how to fix it though....sorry.

Jenni-Raie said...

your dog is SO cute!