Monday, April 16, 2007


I joined the No End in Sight Ripple along last week and I think I am going to post my first post today.
I have finished almost three repeats out of nine(I think), so I am a third of the way done.
Oh this is my new toy.

Since I have a sewing machine now(yeah!) I sat and did this last night(thanks to

I bought the material and the crochet thread to make a blanket(ok two). With the extra side material I can make three burp clothes that match. So last night I experimented with the burp clothes to see if I can make them square instead of rounded. I think I'm going to like them rounded better. So I will finish the other one I already hemmed and then take my new compass thingy tonight and round the ends out. Next on the list is a new camera. I hate the pictures that I post.

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Oiyi said...

Oh hurray, new toy! I just got a sewing machine last month and I teaching myself to sew.