Friday, February 27, 2009

We have a sitter...

My normally good natured son is missing. Has anyone seen him? Whoever took him left this grouchy baby in his place that is only happy when he is naked. Seriously!
Good news is with all of this naked time he sat up all by himself and rolled over from front to back today. Of course it's the day my batteries are dead on my camera. I'll take pictures tomorrow..

My parents stopped by tonight without all of the kids. They dropped my sister off at the airport and then decided to come and see Joseph (I don't even lie to myself and pretend they are coming to see me). We had a great dinner, I seasoned pork ribs last night and Mike threw them in the oven before he left for work(fall off the bone good), sweet potato casserole and a salad.
Grandma gave Joseph a bath before she left. He was soo happy just crawling all over her and standing on her naked. I swear I'm raising a nudist!

I pulled out my swift tonight and frogged my bff socks. I think I just hate cables. I love how they look but just don't want to work on it. I re skeined the yarn(pain in the ass using a swift) and it is soaking in the sink right now getting the kinks out.
I'm working on a Curly Purly soaker and my Mom's sweater right now and have a shawl and the ribbing of a modified Bird in Hand mitten hibernating. I cast on for a Spring Beret that I wanted to raffle off but I'm just not loving it. I love cotton for dishcloths but hate it for hats. I need to rethink it.
I have two balls of the new Mini Mochi maybe I should make it into that adorable mitten pattern that just came out and raffle that instead? Hmmm?
I think I'll make the purless monkey sock for my next sock project.

*I'm gonna go knit instead of link anything..sorry!

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Oiyi said...

hahaha...I would not even know what good natured is like. My girl had colic and it was months and months of hell. Your son is so cute.