Monday, February 23, 2009

Mardi Gras!

Saturday we woke up in a panic, it was light in our room and Joseph hadn't made a peep! I had laid Joseph down at 1am Saturday morning like normal expecting him to be up anywhere from 4-6am. It was 10:32am! I popped out of bed and ran to his pack and play, looked in and he was still sleeping. He kinda stirred so I reached in and picked him up. At that point I realized my boobs were sooo engorged. Odd, that's NEVER happened before. Thankfully I wasn't leaking, they were so engorged I asked Mike to feel them. He reached over and touched and then had to touch again, he then said "ouch those have got to hurt". He nursed for about 30minutes and then fell back asleep. My Mom and sister got here and I threw a pork loin into roast before I woke him up. They stayed for lunch, I made crunchy rice and roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic to go with the pork.

While they were here we noticed something was going on Downtown. Our bedroom/livingroom windows look out at the heart of Downtown Dallas so any activities we have a pretty good view. I got online to check it out and found out it was Mardi Gras. Joseph napped on Mike while I got ready then we layered him up and headed out. We had fun! I didn't get any pictures of the parade because it started after dark and we were kinda standing back aways. We stood in front of our other building, I was able to stand upon a ledge where I could see. Joseph fell asleep right as the parade started and slept through it all, two marching bands, an 18wheeler honking and a dozen fat men dressed as Elvis on loud mini motorcycles.

They had a stage set up with a band.

This was taken right before the sun went down. I think I got made fun of for taking pictures, Oh well..

I love this picture. It's my new favorite!

We had a great lazy weekend. I really need to write up a Not Me Monday post for tomorrow so check back soon for that!

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