Monday, March 02, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

* This week I did not come running when Mike yelled that naked neighbor was really naked. I was not disappointed that I missed it and then happy when I caught the neighbor next to him trying to figure out what to wear.

*There is no way that the neighbors ever catch me naked. I do not run around in just my underwear because it is easier to nurse without clothes in the way.

*I do not justify this by saying that our blinds are better so they must not be able to see in. Nope not me!

*I did get irrationally happy when I found a tiny baby toilet on amazon tonight because there is no way that I am crazy enough to try Elimination Communication. There is no way that I spent 13$ on it because my arms get tired of supporting him when he is on the big toilet even though he is pretty fast with the going. He did not go in the big boy potty 7 times since Friday night.

* There is no way that I would let myself get anxious about a trip that isn't even for another two months at least. I didn't make Mike ask his mom if it was okay that I wash Joseph's diapers in her washer because that was something I was stressing about. I also wasn't stressing about the added cost of a seat for Joseph. Why is it not mandatory for everyone to have there own seat on a plane? The il's offered to pay for our tickets and I think they are pissed because of the added cost. I did not for one second feel just a bit spiteful once I realized that they can't say anything about it because if they did it would make it look like they don't care about his safety.

* I did not want to kill Mike when his mom asked why do you need three seats and he replied because Michelle wants Joseph in his own seat(he did correct himself and say well so do I). Thanks for throwing me under the bus!

*On Friday I did not walk all the way to the library in the cold after waiting for Mike(who was still working and never showed)to find that they closed 25min earlier and then I definitely did not get mad at Mike for working and leaving his phone on his desk.

*It was not me who burned the bottom of two meals this week no matter who you hear it from. I heard it was the stoves fault.

*I did not get on the website of a different loft community and start dreaming of moving there. I have the most amazing loft(I really do) and I have no idea of why I would want to move. Nope not me!

*I did not give up an almost new couch because my old one is so comfortable(read...has a hole the size of my ass in the center). Who wouldn't want a brand new looking, micro fiber, modern, slate blue sofa? I'm hoping my sister will love the couch that I didn't get.

*I'm not so silly to forget I had packed my camera or that Mike had to remind me after trying to take a picture of Joseph asleep in his carseat with my phone.

Until next week...

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Oiyi said...

Hehehe...I did not know that 7 years is the wool anniversary. Hmm...maybe I should buy some yarn for myself?