Friday, February 20, 2009


It is 1am on Saturday morning and my baby just went to sleep. He is so my child! He goes to sleep anywhere from 12-1am and sleeps till 4-6am in his crib and then in bed with me until noon!

I have a load of diapers going right now. I washed, dried and then put our rugs down on a freshly vacuumed floor. Between me and the wienies I really need to vacuum three times a week but probably only do it twice a week. I know once Joseph starts getting mobile that will have to end. We have stained concrete floors and one big rug so I just use a stick vacuum, I have to empty it out a few times because it gets full of hair but so much easier than pulling the big vacuum out.

We installed Joseph's new car seat last weekend. After buying and returning the True Fit we went with the Britax Boulevard CS. We love it! I got a little weepy putting his Snug Ride in storage. I'm hoping that in the next few years we will get to use it again but if not I'll pass it down to a family member. I keep teasing my sister that Joseph is asking for cousins. Maybe he will get his wish.

I thought it was really cute at dinner on Wednesday the server(English was not his first language) asked us if this was our first and if we were excited(ok that was kinda odd). We said of yes and of course, he's the best ever! So then he asked something like so do you want a little girl(okay odd again)? I said I would love another little boy and Mike popped in with well maybe three or four more. I think Mike has had a harder time adjusting to having a baby and then with me being home with Joseph all day I sometimes wonder how much he enjoys Joseph and being a Dad. So I thought it was neat that he said he would like a few more. I'm not sure about being pregnant that many more times as that was really hard on me. I have no idea how my Mom did it. She had the nine of us and was pregnant another two times besides that.

Mike put up Joseph's shelves in his room last night. I bought him a few books the last time I was out, my sister gave him a few for Valentine's day and last weekend I picked through all the books at my parents and pull then ones out that had my name on them. The shelves look really good. I put a few of his toys up there that he is still to little for. Very cute! Funny thing is that he sleeps in the loft bedroom with us.

Joseph is working so hard at sitting up by himself. As sad as I am about him growing up he is getting to be sooo much fun. He giggle when I say I'm gonna get him. He is very ticklish!

My Mom is coming in the morning to visit, she is bringing donuts and is picking up wienie food at Costco for me. So I better get to bed.

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