Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm terrible

Every time I log into blogger pretending that I'm going to post a new blog I get sidetracked. I've updated my must read blogs, added pictures, made my links clickable(I think I did that the hardest way possible...sigh), not counting getting side tracked by all the great things everyone is knitting, crocheting and sewing....

I LOVE Ravelry! if I haven't mentioned lately:) I love how that as more people are added the more projects and stash are added. Something new everyday. It is a HUGE time sucker though.

I just spent the last three evenings at babycare/breastfeeding classes. Not for me, but a good friend of mine is due October 31. Dylan's sperm donor is not involved so we tease that I'm going to be his Daddy. Mike and I have spent three full days getting his room ready and setting stuff up. She is soooo stressing out, so whatever we can do to help we are doing it:) Going to all of these classes makes me so anxious to meet him.

I have been knitting, almost finished the second mini monkey and Moms' Birthday/Xmas present. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow, it was raining today:)

This is Emorys' sad face... As I got ready to go out on Saturday she just got sadder and sadder the closer I got to being ready to go. I took this right before I left. Funny little girl:)


PattieJ said...

Hi Michelle, I haven't been around lately! (home remodeling) anyway Just wanted to say I love that you added pics of your Doxies to your blog! They're so cute!

Oiyi said...

Poor Emory! My dogs get all depressed when they see me getting ready to go out. LOL!