Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thrift Shopping

*Edited to add that blogger was messed up and wouldn't let me fix this post last night*
Ok so I'm soooooooo behind. So for the one person that actually checks this(Hi Cindy:) to see if I've posted anything new here is a photo post to get me up to date on my thrift shopping.
A wonderful huge afghan that I bought for about 4$

I found this for 2.50$ I love it!

Mike and I ran in a thrift store here in Irving that was about to close. I loved this chair but never thought that Mike would actually like it too. I think I'm rubbing off on They were asking 15$(It's a 70's Lazy Boy..They sell for about 100$ on CL) but since we actually came back the next day to get it they lady was so surprised that she sold it to Mike for 10$! It's Emory's favorite chair.

I love owls. I didn't even see this at the thrift store but Rachel spotted it and I couldn't not bring it home. It's huge! Mike hung it above our couch for me.

Goodwilling with my Mom a few months ago I found these. The Goodwills in Sherman/Denison are the best for finding craft items. You have to dig but you can find great vintage patterns.

Vintage towels. I got them for no more than a 2$ a towel. Some were .79$!

I'll try to post more often. I've been working a ton. I do knit/crochet while I'm there. Plus I did get some sewing time in when I finally had a day off. PLEASE remind me next time I decide to use satin binding what a pain in the ass it is! lol


Cindy said...

Finally, here you are! :) I am jealous of all your great thrifting finds! The new photos of the pups are cute too! You said something about satin binding....did you ever get to make the flannel baby blankets? I want PICTURES! :)You owe us about 2 months of photos! haha!

Aim said...

Those thrifting finds are really great--I love the owl especially. My gramma used to collect owls, and three weeks ago when I was at my grampa's house, I photographed part of her collection. I'll have to post a pic for you to see--in fact, I think I'll do it right now. (You inspired me!)