Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tagged and Mini Monkeys

Wow ravelry is a big time sucker. I now have almost all of my knitting and crochet stuff put in so it shouldn't be too bad from now on. I seriously encourage everyone to get on their waiting list asap. One thing I wish I would have done before hand was take pics of everything I was working on and my stash and move it all to flickr while I was waiting for my invite. Doing that took the longest time. Anyways....

Sweet Cindy tagged me as a rockin' girl blogger:) Thanks you!

So to tag 5 others.....

* Janice (ok not a craft blog but I just think she is amazing...)
* Cindy ( how can I not tag you

And now a few Mini Monkey pictures:)

I seriously need Mike to make me some sock blockers:)

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Oiyi said...

Thanks for tagging me!