Friday, August 10, 2007

Cloth Pad

I finished these about a month ago (I took the pictures when I was about a quarter of the way done). I made set with yellow, pink and red tied-dye with yellow backs but I forgot to take pictures of them. They were much prettier than this set. I found the directions here (without the wings though) and then for quite a few I just made it up using a disposable as a pattern. I bought all of the supplies at Jo-Anns. I used double sided all cotton flannel, changing pad material with a rubber center, new and old washcloths(Wal-Mart) and cotton batting for padding and polyester thread. Was pretty easy and they (well most of them) turned out so pretty. They are really comfy and super easy to wash. I bought more washcloths to make a few more. Now I just need to run back to Jo-Anns to pick up a bit of flannel and changing pad material:)


Cindy said...

Just being nosy me...but why recycle this particular item?

Cindy said...

Thanks for the post to my blog! I've missed you! I think the pads are really pretty. Just wondered if you were recycling for a health purpose. (Allergic to the other kind, etc.). By the way, congrats for getting into Ravelry! My invite is still about 3200 away, and I have about 12,000 behind me! NO KIDDING! In the mean time, I guess I will have to live it through you vicariously! :)