Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So much to catch up on!

This last two days I've debated on how to show everything(well everything I took pics of) that I've made since I stopped blogging last January and I decided to just do it post by post in no order. So I'm going to start with one of my favorites and the first woolly that Joseph wore.
Joseph's Blue Crashes Soaker
100Purewool in Blues Crashes
Size Medium~big at birth~getting tight at 4 months
Curly Purly
Started July 17 2008
Completed July 25 2008
Re knitted the cuffs after taking the finished pictures, you can see that they are a lot smaller in the pictures where he is wearing it.
One of his last bottles when we had to supplement. I HATED it, so glad bfing worked out!

We had a great day today. I have the best baby ever. He sleep! As in we don't get out of bed until noon! Last night I seasoned a rack of ribs and wrapped them in foil/stuck them on a raised edge cookie sheet and put them in the refrigerator so that this morning Mike could put them in the stove on low(I have the best has the option to set it where it comes on by its self beats my stove in Irving that you had to set everything you cooked to the right so it didn't burn and then turn it half way so that it kinda cooked even). They cooked all day and then I made a batch of au gratin potatoes and some steamed snow peas. It was sooo good. Tomorrow is grocery day and that means we get to eat out! I think I want Mexican, nothing new there! I'm gonna go make me a snack and then go get back in bed beside Joseph and read a bit. I started the Harry Potter books the first of this month and I'm already on the 5th. I really like them so far, I just wish they were lighter. My main reading time is in the bath and nursing in bed and it really makes my arms ache to hold that big paper back book up for hours! Night!



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Oiyi said...

Ooohh he sounds like a very good baby. Lucky you! Melody had colic and I would not wish that upon any mother. I still cringe when I think back.

That is a beautiful soaker.