Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Best Husband Ever

Happy Anniversary Mike!

So it is our second anniversary today, which means that we have been together almost 4yrs(our first date was May 28th:). Wow! So to celebrate on blogger I'm going to post the most wonderful thing Mike has ever made me.. Tada!

Is this not the best ever? So I now have a swift to go with my ball winder. I googled the directions, a trip to Home Depot, and about an hour of work and it was done(for under 20$!). I love it! We have been living in a 500sqft condo for the last 13months so anything that I can take apart and store under the bed/in a closet is a wonderful thing. Anyways, Thanks Mike!

Ps That is the yarn that is on its way to being a Monkey Sock. I finished two more repeats last night, so I think I have one and a half till I'm at the heal flap. I'm so loving this pattern. It is the fastest I have ever knitted a sock(much less on 1s and 2s). Like Cara I'm doing the ribbing and the first two repeats on 2s.(Which for some reason I'm having ladder problems. But I'm not with the 1s. Go figure, it's not bad so I hope it will come out in the wash.) Then knitting the rest with 1s(which I love). Seems to work so far:)

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