Monday, August 28, 2006


Well had a pretty good weekend. Cleaned the house from top to bottom. My mom didn't make it till Saturday but we went and picked up the girls Friday night. My sister met us in Allan with the both of the and my Pomeranian Bella (who had had hip surgery about six hours earlier ouch Poor Bee!) . So that was fun.I gave Mom her slipper and her socks for her Birthday. Which is today. Happy Birthday Mom! I think she likes them.
Went and picked up our computer last night, hooked it up and realized that we can't find our cord to connect the camera to the pc. ARGHHH... So I guess we will have to go pick up another before I can post pics. My Grandfather is on his way over to bring me bees. I do a form of alternative therapy called bee venom therapy . It's very nice of him to drive from Garland to bring me a jar.
Well onto knitting. I started the skull wristlets, I finished one and started the other. I didn't have a pattern, so next time I think I'm gonna tweak it a bit. But as is they are cute. So I'm just gonna make another. I'm trying my hardest to finish the baby blanket. So in the last two days I have finished 12 rows. Sigh, So at this rate it will be about 3yrs till I finish it. It is double yarn on 10 1/2 I think, so maybe not that long.
I really need to start dh socks but for some reason as soon as the high of buying the yarn wore off so did the want to start/finish. Maybe once I get into it, it will excite me again.
Off to start dinner.

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