Thursday, August 24, 2006

My new blog

I decided I should start a knitting blog, because I've had such a good time reading others blogs...
Until I get my other computer back (thanks English Chris) I won't be able to put up pictures, because the software is loaded on that one. And I'm not sure exactly where that disk is in my house. So pics must wait... So until then....The list of things that I've frogged lately
* Washcloth, green cotton, shamrock design, smooshed into the back of the closet....enough said
* Baby blanket, Caron Simply Soft, white, moss border and bee stitch for the center. I'm going to keep this one, I bought the yarn when I was pregnant. After I lost her, I've not really been motivated to work on it, but I will soon.
* Wristlets with a skull on the hand, lionbrand woolease, black with a purple skull, for a certain sister that just started school, I've already frogged once hopefully that will do it...

Just finished quite a few things
* These in a moss green color..haven't felted them yet, Patons Wool
*Cabled thick house socks, dark red, from One Skein Projects, Patons Decor
*Tea Cozy, for English Chris, in exchange for saving my computer, it was a tad bit sick, Lion brand Thick and quick
* Mug warmer, for above mentioned, birthday present, matches the tea cozy but with his initial on the side
* Baby blanket for my cousin Molly, Caron Simply Soft, Seafoam Green, Diagonal pattern

Haven't started
* Socks for dh...bought the yarn, then got sidetracked...
* Another set of cabled slippers...dark red and ok maybe two dark cream

Ok I need to go to bed now. It's almost 4am and I have to get up somewhat early to bathe the wienies, clean the entire house, and wash the couch. Plus I have atleast 2 or 3 load of laundry to do. My Mom and two littlest sisters are coming for the weekend. Which will be a blast as long I'm ready for them. Our apartment is a little, little so there is no place to hide anything....

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