Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I've been shopping

Ok so it has been forever since I posted last...Since then we have had three sick wienies, four wienies recovering from surgery, one totaled car, way to many days of working stressed out, two holidays, both of us sick(I think it was a super bug..I've never been so sick in my life), lots of sale shopping and a new camera(SQUEEEEEE).. I really need to spend sometime with the wienies since both Mike and I have been in bed for days so this is going to be short..Just thought that I would let the few people that read this know that I'm alive... So I will leave you with yarny goodness...

I found a wonderful lady on Ravelry that was selling part of her stash so that she could buy more(and the muggles think we are Worked great because I love what she didn't want anymore:) Thanks Sue!
Ravelry sock yarn buys

Most of the lys in the Dallas area had X-mas sales. Mike very nicely dropped me off at the door of the Shabby Sheep in Uptown for that one(not too crazy and for some reason not many people were grabbing sock yarn:0).. After that and then a stop by our favorite cafe Lucky's we decided to go the the Knitting Nook in NRH even though their sale wasn't until the next week. The ladies running the shop were lovely and they had a great selection.
Hands down the most fun was, some how I talked my friend Cindy into getting to my house by 3AM(she had to be up by 2AM!) so that we could make it to the Woolie Ewes annual sale...Woo hooo... We got in line by 4:15 and only had about 10 people ahead of us! It was FREEZING but we toughed it out... It was sooooo crazy but we both got what we came for:) So here is my haul for December...
X-Mas Sale Shopping
So for 2008~ more fuzzy feet, lots of Bird in Hand Mittens and The CPH!


Oiyi said...

Wow, that is some major stash enhancement. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

Cindy said...

Girl, half a year gone and no blogging! You need to keep us all updated on baby progress! :)